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Websites for Companies

Complex actions will ensure a success of the company in the market

Building of the company’s image on the Internet is not only an aesthetic and modern side. It is a range of treatments and marketing actions, which are aimed at only one thing: the success of your company.

How does it work?

The existence of your company on the Internet is not only based on a possession of a website or an online shop. You need to show your company’s offer in an attractive, understandable and aesthetic way. Company website must be searchable on the Internet under various, strategic phrases. You need to hit the target customer, attract him and interest him your offer.

Currently, conducting an advertising campaign on the Internet is a separate, extensive and rather complicated field. Save your time and money! If you let us on a professional branding, your company will get double!

We will develop for you an appropriate strategy, analyze the market, competition and create a list of suitable actions, which are aimed at only one thing – the success of your company!

You can submit individual elements on your own, but it is very time consuming and it requires lots of knowledge. Therefore, you need to consider – what is more cost effective and efficient?

If you order us the construction of your company’s image, you can be sure that we will approach to your business in a professional manner. We will present you the most optimal and effective methods of actions, which do not ruin the budget of your company. Our offer is addressed both for newly established companies and for long existing businesses, which want to improve their position in the market.

Websites for companies

We design and create websites in accordance with expectations and recommendations of our customers. In our offer you can find websites for every pocket, for newly established and long existing companies. We offer a realization of:

  • Internet business cards (1-5 subpages)
  • Informational websites and websites with the offer
  • Flash animations
  • Extensive catalogues of services / products
  • Thematic portals
  • Advertising portals
  • Systems for real estate agencies
  • Other optional websites on specific customer’s order

We invite to cooperation especially new, small companies – in our offer you will find the best quality at a reasonable price.

Online advertising campaigns

People, who run a business, perfectly know the following saying: “Advertising makes trade go round” – it is well-known true, but many people think that the advertisement is expensive and ruining the company’s budget – not be more wrong!

We offer you:

  • Branding – building of the company’s image
  • Positioning
  • Sponsored links
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing techniques

A huge effectiveness of our actions has improved a financial condition of many companies yet. We invite you to contact and cooperation with us. We approach to each customer individually.

Online shops, e-Commerce

We offer a construction of professional online shop in two ways: on the basis of generally available solutions (opensource) and our won solutions, which are created from scratch in accordance with client’s recommendations. Both solutions differ in price – this second solution is much more expensive, because we need to spend on it incomparably more time and skills.

Online shops, which are created by us, prosper very well, because of a complicated service of e-commerce systems. We take over all technical and administrative operation of shops.

Each created shop is unique, aesthetic, modern and professional. An important fact is the low cost of realization – what allows to begin an e-commerce activity even for small companies.

Texts on demand, content of websites, slogans

Realization of content, catchwords and slogans on websites is time consuming, and in addition – it requires knowledge of marketing techniques and literary skills.

If you need unusual and original slogans, catchwords or other advertising contents – we will think them out and work out all advertising conception. We offer:

  • Texts on websites
  • Content of leaflets, brochures, printed materials
  • Slogans, advertising catchwords
  • Scenarios of banners and advertisements on the Internet
  • Mailing content
  • Other – any content to the Internet, print, film or advertisings


For companies and institutions, we offer additional services:

  • Technical and administrative support of websites and portals
  • Updates and reconstruction of websites and portal systems
  • Changes in looks, website graphics
  • Optimization of pages
  • Consultancy in the field of page construction, selection of colors, content and contents
  • Consulting in the field of interactive marketing
  • Development and implementation of advertising campaigns on the Internet
  • Installation, configuration and implementation of CMS and CRM systems

At your request, we realize all unusual orders.

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